Tigger Update

It seems that my postings on this blog always goes in threes πŸ™‚ So, for my third, and final post of the day, here are a couple of images of Tigger πŸ™‚

Tigger chilling

Tigger contemplating his next move – will she squirt me if I do that, or not? Hmmmm

pre-pounce Tegger

She doesn’t know I am in here! Hmmmm, her toes look good enough to pounce on!

Tigger is settling in well, he just has this propensity to pounce on my feet when I am walking. No matter what I do, it doesn’t seem to decrease the pouncing instinct (and he has plenty of toys). Thoughts anyone? The water bottle doesn’t seem to hold his attention as it once did…


Forest Update and new projects!

I know, I know, I have no time to stitch on what I have already πŸ™‚ However, two correspondance courses in my embroiderer’s guild chapter are being discontinued, so I had to go ahead and sign up so I could at least get the materials.

Forest Progress (Shadow Work)

First off, though I haven’t had a chance to work on it for some time, this is the current state of Forest, my first experiment in shadow-work. I think it will be impressive when it is completed, assuming I don’t mess it up TOO much πŸ™‚ Please note that this is the back of the project, not the front side. The next time I take a picture I will get both sides (information added by Orthstitcher)

You might want to check out theΒ  the stump-work project Summer Dream here. The 17th Century Sampler is officially discontiued and is no longer available for viewing online. The sampler is just what, with a nice variety of stitches. I do not typically go for samplers, but this one is beautiful and I like the array of stitches used in it. Heaven knows when I will have a chance to actually work on either of them, but I have the instructions, and that is all that really matters.

Favorite Biblical Dictionary

I’ve never actually HAD a Bible Dictionary … and while I am quite happy with the new full Orthodox Study Bible (knowing that it isn’t possible to have a “perfect” translation), I am thinking about finally getting a dictionary.Β  A good single volume dictionary would be good, and probably the most affordable.

The thing is, there are so many to choose from. Do you have a favorite? I’ve heard that Thomas Nelson has a good 1-volume that has recently been updated – check it out here.Β  What would be a good choice for an Orthodox Christian? Can there be, (say it isn’t so), confessional differences between bibical dictionaries? It is a pity that the question even needs asking…

I am looking forward to seeing what suggestions others may have.

New Year…New Cat

Ok… I am allergic to cats. However, most of my adult life since age 27 I’ve had a cat or two around, and there have been few problems. A few years ago a dr. convinced me that my cat was the cause of some problems and I got rid of her. That didn’t take care of the problem because it was actually side-effects of steroid inhalers.

It is now 2.5 years later, and I am succumbing… I will try it one more time – I really miss having a cat around.

So…. here is his picture from the shelter’s site. He is FIV+, which means he has to be a single cat – but that is all I can have anyway. He deserves a home too, and isn’t he sweet! They think he is a Russian Blue mix.


Some children in my parish have made the following name suggestions – the ordering does not reflect preference on my part:

1. Man of Paws (I suspect adult women would get a kick out of that one – say it quickly πŸ™‚
2. Topaz
3. Velvet
4. Sapphire
5. The Russian words for “dark cat”

How about:

Velvet Smoke?
Smokey Velvet?
Gray Velvet?
Velvet Paws?
Velvet Topaz (what does that even mean?)
Gray Ghost?
(see a theme here? I am trying to work at least one of the kids names into the 10-month old kittens new name. His current name is “Vinny” and that just won’t do).

Suggestions, anyone?