Do Not Resent, Do Not React, Keep Inner Stillness

I forget where I found this, but this is a link to a word from Metropolitan Jonah addressing the right way to deal with anger and resentment. This seems to be from his time as an Abbot (I am sure his former monks miss him greatly) and is well worth the time to download and read it.


2 thoughts on “Do Not Resent, Do Not React, Keep Inner Stillness

  1. Mrs. Mutton says:

    WOW. Thank you for posting this link. As we prepare for Great Lent, I’ve been culling my various books to see what I haven’t read in awhile — but in this, there’s enough to last the entire season. Now to format it for printing, so I can put it in my planner…

  2. mimima says:

    I get the newsletter from the Monastery, and remember reading it when it was in there – he is a phenomenal writer.

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