The perfect picture – almost

I went to East Tennessee this weekend to visit my family. It was a good visit, and for the first time in my life I listened to an audio fiction book on the trip. I think I like that, and it was a story that I know well so that helped to follow it as I drove.

On the way back I took the following photo with my new camera…. it is almost perfect… This was taken at the top of a mountain, and looking over the mist-enshrouded mountains and trees one can almost imagine a hardy band of travelers, from the Lord of the Rings perhaps, or some other epic tale making their way through the fog.


Heading for the mountains!

Tomorrow I journey home to visit my sister and mother, and am looking forward to the trip. It is certainly a journey, in more ways than one, from Indianapolis to Maryville, Tennessee. I look forward to getting my annual mountain “fix” and getting away from my work-a-day routine to spend time with the family that God gave me. Our family is unusual, but these are the people that God chose for me to be born into. That is a good thing to ponder from time to time, it wasn’t just a matter of chance that we have the families that we have 🙂

I have that snazzy new digital camera, so will try to remember to pack it and to take some good pictures. It will be good to see the mountains again 🙂

Lowering of the Hammer

The “hammer” of health, that is!

Apparently I am either pre-diabetic, or in the early stages of diabetes. My doctor is unsure which, but one of the two is certain. I do not want diabetes – none in their right mind WOULD, it is a terrible progressive disease that is difficult to live with. However, I am still at the stage where it is possible to have a strong impact and either reverse the course, or at least make things slow down and be more manageable in the long run. Those two words that we all hate to hear our doctors use – eat properly and exercise – I am under doctor’s orders to lose 28 pounds..

But HOW to lose that weight? Outside of occasional exceptions, I do not eat much, and indeed have gained a little weight! Surely I have a slow metabolism, right?

Nope! Yesterday my doctor put me on a machine that is meant to detect my “resting metabolism rate”, and to help determine the optimum range of calories I need to eat for weight loss. Much to my great surprise, my metabolism is FASTER than normal! My doctor tells me that I am not eating enough to lose weight, and assigned me a 1400-1500 calorie range for weight loss!

Now, my kind readers, this is not intuitive to me – eat more to lose weight??? Apparently women in particular can have this arise, if we are not getting enough calories (but not really starving) our bodies “thinks” that we might be in trouble and starts storing everything possible as fat.

So I’ve a caloric range of 1,400-1,500 calories a day, with a carb/protein/fat split of 45, 30,25. Time for the dietician. . .

Camera, Needlepoint, and Epigonation

I am finally purchasing the first decent digital camera in my life – and FedEx will deliver my new Sony Cyper-Shot camera on Tuesday. Well – they will ATTEMPT to deliver it, I find that they never come when I am home. Ever. It is rather difficult to get Fedex packages at my apartment for this reason – they do not wish to leave it without a signature and their pickup location is something like 20 miles from my home. No matter, I will get it however I can!

Once it lands, I will provide updated pics on the progress of Night Flight (almost done). I have decided that I will never finish it if I insist on stitching the entire project, so I am altering the project “limits” as it were. The full chart shows a night sky with a large bird flying “over” a full moon. Then there are lots of other parts of the sky to stitch, and water, and sand, and rocks. It is, in the end, a night landscape. I’ve decided to leave out the land part and just focus on the sky. It is quite large anyway, and at least this way it will get finished. Finishing is a good thing.

I am also going to start work sometime this summer on embroidery for an Epigonation for a priest I know. Once I take care of a few details and actually get started I will post the progress here. I will use blackwork embroidery to stitch a cross and a border that will surround the cross.

Oh yes, I will also receive the entire television series of Stargate SG-1 in the same package. Something of an overkill, the series covers 54 dvds! However, one needs something to watch when doing non-liturgical needlework – and it is a good series. No more DVDs for me for a loooooong time 🙂


I found this new site (at least new to me) called Alphainventions. It cycles through a series of blogs that people submit, which seems to be a little addicting. The address is It is said that this will really increases the numbers of blog viewers, time will tell. It would be great to find other Orthodox needleworkers out there 🙂