New Car… again?

Last year I bought the first car ever on financing (before that I always had my cash-paid ancient car). The Mitsubishi Galant GTZ is an incredible car… but the interest rate was WAY too high, and that particular car requires premium gasoline. It is possible to use regular occasionally, but it does require high-test gas. In these times that isn’t so good a combination, so it was time for a new car – or at least a different car with a lower interest rate, better mileage, and a 4-cylinder engine that would be happy with regular gas.

And….. I found it! I have the first actual new car in my life and while the payments are higher, the interest rate is considerably lower and I think that in the long term I have a much better car. It isn’t as sporty – and frankly – I found I really do NOT like leather seats. They look great, but are never comfortable.

So bye bye Mitsubishi Galant GTZ, Hello Mitsubishi Lancer ES (hmmm, there seems to be a developing pattern here 🙂 God willing, I hope this will turn out to have been a good move. The payment is higher than I would like, but I think that over the long term I will actually spend less due to the lower interest. Also, next spring I fully intend on refinancing to get a lower interest rate. We shall see how it develops.

I’ve never had a NEW car before, so right now I am having fun 🙂

Here’s Looking At Ya! (isn’t that a cool front end?)

Here\'s looking at ya!

The Mitsubushi Lancer seems to be their competition with the Toyota Corolla, at least it seems to be. It is a good car and I am quite happy with it. Considering that not-small car payment due every month now – it is a GOOD thing that I like the car 🙂 Very smooth 5-speed and it is geared nicely.

Here is a better look at the car.


Who would have thought?

I was going to wait until after Lent to do this – but events changed my timing.

Until yesterday, my primary form of transportation was a BLUE 2-door 1991 Geo Metro (I couldn’t find a pic on the internet of my actual model.

Tiny and it got me from point A to point B rather dependably. Ok, so I couldn’t use the turn signals because of an rather strange headlight electrical problem… couldn’t lock the driver door because the driver’s door lock/window crank assemble was messed up…. and it almost put my shoulder out of socket to roll the window down… the ignition key was prone to get stuck and sometimes took all my physical strength to actually turn the key to start the car (I was expecting the key to break off in the ignition)… the manual transmission worked great as long as I held my breath while shifting…. you get the point.

Actually – with all that (and other points unmentioned) – the car would start under any weather conditions. Period. That in itself is a great blessing – even during our recent 3-week long spell of temps below 20 (often MUCH below) and windchills of far below 0 – the car ALWAYS started. So what if I had to let it warm up for 20 minutes before driving it? 🙂

All of this is leading up to something. I hate car payments, indeed, have never had one before now. I was saving up to get a newer car and pay cash later this year or next year. Until events occurred to change that.

It was a small thing… two small things. This week my little Geo finally started to run rougher than usual. No big deal, and I would have addressed that if it was something affordable… had not someone hit my car while it was at a parking meter. They damaged an already damaged front end and left the running lights actually hanging by the electric wires and cracked the front side panel on that side of the car. Of course they didn’t stick around or leave their card – I have no idea who was responsible. We couldn’t even TAPE the light back into place – though they were still working. However, it’s become ever more apparent that the little car had little life left in it. I need a dependable car. Rental cars are too expensive for sure!

Exit little Geo Metro…. sniff sniff

Hello 2002 Mitsubishi Galant GTZ with only 25,000 miles!

Not only it is extremely LOW mileage for a 5-year old car – but the asking price was lower than average for the car, interest rate considerably lower than I expected to be offered and I was able to negotiate a service agreement that would cover any needed repairs to the car for the next 3 years (outside of tires, brakes, oil changes and radiator flushes).

Sadly it does NOT have a manual transmission – you almost have to buy a car new these days to get that – or get a sport car. I don’t actually NEED a sedan, but all the 2-doors they had available were well outside my price range. While there are more bells and whistles on this car than I really wanted or needed, the price was certainly right, (though more than I’ve ever paid for a car – which doesn’t mean much when you consider that the most any previous car has cost me has been $1,200). Everything WORKS on the car and it should be dependable.

The thought that everything actually works on my new (to me) car is far more comforting than I can express. The next step is to have my priest bless it, which will come this week sometime.