Interesting times

Interesting times these are, but it seems to me that the times we live in are always interesting. If approach life the way we should, that there will always be ‘interesting’ things going on – though perhaps not in the way the secular world defines ‘interesting’. If we are seeking God’s will in our life, and trying to see God in our daily lives and events – how can life NOT be interesting?

Follow this link to read a wonderful poem about a Rusin woman who certainly did not know what it was to be bored. . .


Small Chalice Cover

Small Chalice Cover

What is this? While it looks beige in this photograph, it is actually white brocade. I tried it with the flash, but the flash relfected so much from the white brocade that you couldn’t really see the design, and the design is what I am having problems with.

 I am embroidering this set of chalice covers for a Skete, and it has been requested that I only embellish the pattern in the brocade, not superimpose some other design over it.  That makes perfect sense, and that is what I did with the large Aer (see it here).

There are two problems:

 1. First problem really isn’t a problem, the small cover as drawn above is about 3/4 of an inch too wide. Not a problem. However, that only compounds the real issue.

2. The pattern on this broade is large. Probably not different from other brocades, but the nature of the pattern means that it will not fit on any section of the small chalice covers – even at the present size. For this to look right a good percentage of the overall design must be embroidered.

The “top” or “middle” panel (that goes over the top of the Chalice) is  more easy to solve. Even when the size is cut back to where it should be, if I use 3\4 inch galloon there is something there for me to work with.

The “sides” of the cover are the problem. Perhaps the answer is to just embroider the center panel and leave it at that. It was requested I embroider those as well, but this may not be an option. Time will tell.

I just want to get this set completed, it has taken me months longer already than I had orgionally anticipated – however – there has been a LOT going on in recent months that I had no idea was going to come up. These are good things, I just don’t have much time left for embroidery right now – but I am making the time 🙂

Cribbed from Meg

Ok, so I cribbbed this from Meg – but we are different “flowers” 🙂

You Are a Blue Flower

A blue flower tends to represent peace, openness, and balance.
At times, you are very delicate like a cornflower.
And at other times, you are wise like an iris.
And more than you wish, you’re a little cold, like a blue hydrangea.

What Color Flower Are You?

May went. . .

May seemed to pass by so fast this year, and it is already summer already! Here in Central Indiana we were above average for temps and wayyyyy below average for rain for the entire month. I am hoping this isn’t a harbinger of what summer will bring this year.

 Lots of very interesting things happened for me in May this year – for which I am thankful. On the needleworking front I hope to start making progress on the small chalice covers this weekend. My goal is to finally complete them in the next month – at least the embroidery. I understand how to FINISH them (the lining, trim, fringe and so forth), but I am hoping to find someone who will let me use their sewing machine that weekend. I don’t think the finishing will actually take a long time – once I get up the nerve to do it 🙂

I will have another picture here of the smaller covers once the design is settled – it can’t be the same as the large Aer because of the nature of the pattern on the brocade and the size of it – but it will be as similar as possible.