New project!

Now that the first month of the year is over, I have resisted that new project long enough. Last November I kitted up “Night Flight” a design by Amy Bear and can be found here. I would post the picture here but it is quite large – and I haven’t asked her permission yet.

There is something about this time of the year, especially this time of the year, that I love to start new projects – particularly one with speciality fibers. Night Flight is stiched with all Caron Watercolours, (this page may take some time to load, and the chart doesn’t give a great idea of the true beauty and softness of these fibers, but it helps), they are variegated, very soft cotten fibers and very beautiful. There is nothing wrong with good old standby DMC .25/skein floss but it is such a pleasure to work with other fibers as well. I love silk as well, though I tend to limit silk to embroidery – though there are silk blends for counted work.

So this brings my current WIP (works in process) count to 3, and with one more waiting in the wings – as soon as my priest gets the velvet and design to me. 3-4 seem to be my usual number of projects actively in process. I won’t mention the UFOs (unfinished projects).

What is the difference between a WIP and UFO? If there is a stitcher in your life his or her definition may well differ, but to me the difference is a WIP is being actively worked on and will be finished. A UFO is something that I have stopped working on and will never finish. Why do I keep UFOs around? That is a good question – they take up space, etc., but there is an aversion to get rid of any needlework project – even if I know it will never be completed. With any hobby there is at least a small touch of obsession, and this is probably where that comes into play 🙂

I do try to keep things in reason however, I have a new rule that if I know I won’t be able to start a project within a few months, I hold off on getting it. Good charts, chart packs, and the fibers needed for them can be very expensive… (though I have been known to make exceptions to this rule 🙂


New list and cross-stitch class for church school

There is a new list under the slowly growing list of my favorite links. It seems wise to separate my needlework and Orthodox links – simply to make it easier for someone to see what is there.

This evening I start teaching a small group of youngesters, from age 6-13, how to cross stitch. Their first project will be a bookmark. It will be interesting to see who learns more, me or them 🙂

It will also be interesting to see how many I wind up with. They will have their choice of three different classes between now and the start of Lent in mid-March. Hopefully there will be no more than 9, for I only have 10 bookmarks – and I figure that it pays to have one extra as insurance against accidents.

Last two completed projects and one new project!

Time does pass between one post and the next. Between work and church, as well as all of the other little neccesities of life such as sleep and needlework, weeks flow between posts 🙂

The last time I promised a link to a couple of my current projects, so here they are! I think that I will post a link and a few words about where each one is.

My most recently completed project was a tiny little pillow for a newborn in our parish. It was a free chart that I found on Caron’s website, the chart is found here: and it was just fun to work with. I have never done a pillow before, and I wimped out and am getting the finishing done professionally. I would like it to actually last longer than her infancy, so it seemed wise to have someone do it who actually knows what they are doing 🙂

The other project I finished in recent months can be found here, This was great fun to work on, and I love the finished project. A good friend paid to have it professionally framed for me (which I could have never afforded on my own) and that guarentees it a place of honor in my home.

I currently have a project kitted up and ready to go by the same designer that is titled Night Flight – it is found here and I am looking forward to it very much. I hope to start work on it sometime in the next few weeks.

There have been other projects that I have finished in recent months, but as they were custom designs there are no links to them – and I have yet to have my one-time use camera developed to get the images.

Next week I start teaching a group of children how to cross-stitch, and that promises to be a learning experience for everyone 🙂