Lowering of the Hammer

The “hammer” of health, that is!

Apparently I am either pre-diabetic, or in the early stages of diabetes. My doctor is unsure which, but one of the two is certain. I do not want diabetes – none in their right mind WOULD, it is a terrible progressive disease that is difficult to live with. However, I am still at the stage where it is possible to have a strong impact and either reverse the course, or at least make things slow down and be more manageable in the long run. Those two words that we all hate to hear our doctors use – eat properly and exercise – I am under doctor’s orders to lose 28 pounds..

But HOW to lose that weight? Outside of occasional exceptions, I do not eat much, and indeed have gained a little weight! Surely I have a slow metabolism, right?

Nope! Yesterday my doctor put me on a machine that is meant to detect my “resting metabolism rate”, and to help determine the optimum range of calories I need to eat for weight loss. Much to my great surprise, my metabolism is FASTER than normal! My doctor tells me that I am not eating enough to lose weight, and assigned me a 1400-1500 calorie range for weight loss!

Now, my kind readers, this is not intuitive to me – eat more to lose weight??? Apparently women in particular can have this arise, if we are not getting enough calories (but not really starving) our bodies “thinks” that we might be in trouble and starts storing everything possible as fat.

So I’ve a caloric range of 1,400-1,500 calories a day, with a carb/protein/fat split of 45, 30,25. Time for the dietician. . .