Warm weather….

I hope everyone is doing ok with the terrible heat that is over so much of the country. Indiana certainly got a taste last week, but it has passed, at least for now.

Ive started working on the small chalice covers, and my original plan for stitching them seems to lend itself well for such curvy lines. As it turns out I have to get them done rather quickly, but hope to get a picture of them before they go to their intended home.


The photos are in :)

I am looking forward to hearing what my few readers think of this in-process project photos. Between work, indexing, and parish life – I don’t have the time to put into needlework that I would like to… if anyone has figured out how to live without sleep PLEASE let me know 🙂

This first image is of an icon I have been working on for several years. If I live long enough to complete it, the finished project will be that of Christ the Teacher. Christ is holding one hand up in a blessing, and the other hand is holding an open book with a scripture – though the script will be in Russian. This is quite a large project, and I don’t get the chance to work on it often. It would probably have been completed already if I could just go a year without working on other projects 🙂

Earlier this year I started work embroidering a set of Chalice Covers for my parish. This photo is of the work in the middle of the large cloth, the one that is draped over the priests back during the Great Entrance.

For some reason, though I took quite a few pictures of this cloth, none of them really came out very well. Shadows from my hand, other things interfered with the photos. I am not a photographer 🙂 This photo was taking without the flash and while you can’t see the color of the fabric, I think the embroidery is much clearer in this photo. The fabric is a dark red garment-weight wool, and the embroidery uses only silk floss. I love working in silk, but generally only use it for liturgical embroidery. I love how it feels and looks, but even more importantly, silk floss has a much longer life than cotton. I am unsure what’s up with the apparent line across the upper part of the cross – am hoping it is just a lighting oddity and that isn’t really there.

The interesting thing about seeing an image of embroidery completed months ago is that you see the imperfections that you couldn’t see before. The embroidery is in 4 complementary shades of gold.

This is a sampler called “All Things Bright and Beautiful”, and is a gift for the first born daughter of a wonderful Romanian couple I have the pleasure to be able to call friends. I am sorry you can’t read the script, but this is a VERY long sampler, and this was the only reasonable size that I could make fit this page that wouldn’t overwhelm it – or cause you to keep scrolling sideways, and sideways, and, well you get the picture.

There is one other project – but it isn’t far along enough to take photos of. I just got the drawings last night to begin work on the two smaller chalice covers, so there won’t be any pics of those for some time. So, that’s all for now!

If there is interest I will post a true-color image of the large Aer – though I’ve completed the embroidery on it – the cloth itself hasn’t been finished. Thankfully I don’t have to finish them, just embroider them 🙂

Photo update…

I know, I keep promising, pictures and more pictures 🙂

Well, those who are interested will, hopefully, be pleased to hear that I dropped my camera off to be developed today! Next week, at some point, I will go pick up my nice, new, photos and photo CD so I can post the current pics of my needlework. So, by a week from now at the latest, the pics will be posted.

All of the projects I have new pics of are in progress, so be warned that none of them are finished. Considering I rarely actually keep anything I finish, that isn’t much of a surprise 🙂 I am trying to get better about taking pics of finished projects before sending them on though. I tend to like projects that take a long time to complete, so finishes don’t happen every week, or even every month.

Yes, you read correctly, I dropped the camera off to be developed. I don’t own a camera, (and I am too cheap… umm…errrr… too frugal to buy one).

So, from time to time I pick up one of those one-time cameras for what I have to do. Considering I do this about once a year, it works for me. Perhaps some day I will buy a digital camera… but don’t hold your breath.. I promise you, purple isn’t your color 🙂 I can buy a LOT of needleworking supplies for what that digital camera would cost 🙂