More interesting links

I had intended on completing this before leaving for Memorial Day weekend, but didn’t get it completed. It seemed best to just continue this in another post. The Skinner Sisters site deserves special mention though, so I do recommend your visting it – especially if you like Blackwork and historical forms of embroidery in the English tradition.

Solaria Gallery, for those who love cross-stitch and petite point, is a Bulgarian site devoted to making works of art available in charted form. They do have a religious section, and a portion of the charts are of icons. These are very detailed charts, and many of them have two scales of detail in the chart-pack. This is meant to decrease the number of pages in the chart-pack, but it can be confusing. However it is easy to get used to. I am not a great lover of cross-stitch, but am (very slowly) working on one of their carts for Christ the Teacher.

The Gilded Edge is a website of Kay Stanis that is devoted to Silk and Gold Metal embroidery. Once again this is more of a Western form, but she does beautiful work and is a professional instructor in both techniques.

Shay Pendray has publised several good books on inventive needlework, and I think is also on a PBS series, or has been in the past.

Rissa’s Pieces: Pretty Impressive Stuff is a quite impressive website, for sure. This is a private website, but there is a lot of information on her site, and she has even written resource guides for different kinds of surface embroidery. Oh yes, she is also the Vice-President of my chapter in the Embroider’s Guild of America (EGA).

Silkweaver is a commercial site through which you can purchase the most amazing pieces of needlework material! They offer hand-dyed linen, lugana and aida (as well as non-hand-dyed). They do the work themselves, and the orders are dyed when ordered (unless they have changed their process since I last ordered from them. This does slow things down a little, but it assures they have what you need. The brick-and-mortar store is located in Mississippi.

Ok, that’s all for now 🙂 I am ALWAYS looking for new sites (especially non-commercial) that deal with Orthodox needlework. That seems a rare commodity on the internet, so please let me know of any favorites you may have, or if you run across others.


Interesting links

Well, THE race hits Speedway this Sunday, so will be leaving town tomorrow to escape all the activities. Before I go though, I wanted to post a couple of the links I referred to earlier this week. As I type this I am trying to decide if I am hearing a tornado siren, but am not sure. I have tinnitus, and all those sirens are close to the pitch of the sounds that tinnitis has going at all given times, so sometimes I am just not sure what I am hearing. This can make for an exciting evening!

My first link is to the wonderful Skinner Sisters website

Edits, a question, and Mama Knows Best

Please note the expanded list of blogs and favorite needlwork sites in the sidebar.

I do have a question and would like to know what others think. Some of my favorite needlework sites are commercial sites – my favorites in this category generally have a good amount of historical information, or interesting instructions that are difficult to find, etc.

What I am trying to decide is if I should list those on my blog as well. Yes, it IS my blog and I can list most anything I would like to – but I find a hesitation in posting commercial sites here. They are easily found by search engines and I am inclined to consider it better to include those harder-to-find individual’s sites instead.

I cannot take credit for this, so you just have to visit this link to the OrthodDixie site if you haven’t seen this yet. Personally I think he knows my mother because I swear I remember being told all of these things time, and time, and time again. I suspect it is Southern-Mother talk and there is a lot of wisdom in those statements…. I especially remember number 13. A LOT. She told me once that God put me on earth to teach her patience, it’s a good thing to know what you are here for 🙂 Enough of my rambling, go check the list out!

Photos are coming….. and the DVC

I promise! I have to be one of the very few who do not have a digital camera. I am too cheap to buy one of those things, I would rather pick up a toss-away camera from time to time and save my extra money for fibers. and needles. and charts…. 🙂

My camera is almost full, so I will be finishing the film up this weekend and having it developed – so you get to see what I’ve been working 0n (assuming you want to see it – this COULD be considered a warning)

Oh, and by the way, movies are about the only thing off topic on this blog, so this will be the only reference to a certain movie opening this weekend…. 🙂


A rainy Saturday in May, temperatures are about 20 degrees below normal. This is the kind of day I would LOVE to have in mid-January…. Then it would seem warm (as long as it was only 20-degrees below that is normal in May, NOT in January).

Generally I do housekeeping chores (or would that be apartment-keeping chores?) on Saturdays. Today I’ve been doing other things though, and one of those things has been to change the *comment* requirements for this blog.

I don’t understand why people do this, but since removing the requirement that people leaving comments having to verify the jumbled characters (I forget what that is called), I have gotten several “interesting” comments I’ve had to deny. I thought comment moderation might be enough to keep from having to see spam, but I was wrong.

I do apologise for the delay in posting comments, but this seems the best combination of blog settings to keep all of us from seeing spam and other material that doesn’t belong in this space.

I find it interesting that in the 10 months in which this blog was inactive, only 1 inappropriate comment was made – and it was pretty innocent.

I hope to make another post on this blog in the next day or two about several Orthodox stitching websites I found.

Two interesting sites…

If you have not been to either of these sites, I encourage you to change that 🙂

Matushka Galina Tregubov is an iconographer and embroiderer who does the most wonderful work. I could never be as good as she is, and, just so you know, she publishes a book on how to embroider a traditional Orthodox Guardian Angel banner! When I get the chance I will find a link to the book and post it in a later post. Unless one of my readers happens to have a link handy?

(For those who may not know, “Matushka” is a traditonal Slavic term tha, basically, means “Mother”, and is used for priests’ wives and also for the Abess of women’s monasteries – it may be also used for all Russian nuns who have been tonsured – but I am unsure of Russian practice here). It seems a surprise for some to learn that the average Orthodox parish priest is married with children.

Treasures of Mount Athos has an interesting overview of the role of church embroidery (of many kinds) used in the monasteries on the Holy Mountain. There aren’t any images on this page, but at the bottom there are links to collections (classified by the monastery they are found in). It’s a fun way to spend a little time. Not all of the links are to pages with images, but many are.

Ok, time to read for awhile before bed, have a good weekend!


It is Spring in Speedway, Indiana… more importantly, it is the first Saturday in May and that means something happened today.

When you live in the Speedway, the Home of the Speedway International Speedway, May just doesn’t REALLY begin until that first Saturday in the month… this is the day of the Mini-Marathon!

The race begins in downtown Indianapolis, winds it’s way out to Speedway (yes, it really is a town that is separate from Indianapolis – though we are surrounded by Indianapolis on all sides), the runners take a lap around THE track, then everyone runs back downtown to complete the route.

Personally, I can come up with far better things to do on a beautiful and cool spring day in May, but for those who run they really DO enjoy the race. For those who live in the region, the Mini-Marathon is beginning of a month full of activities that build up until the end of the month, and it is time for the xth running of the Indianapolis 500.

Not being a racing fan, I like living in Speedway in spite of the race, not because of it. The month of May, however, is good for my creativity. You see, the track lies between me and church, between me and work, between me and pretty much everything… except….


my favorite local area needlework store! Yep… indeed if I actually stayed in town over Memorial Day weekend, there is little doubt in my mind that I would go to that store and spend money that particular weekend.

Pity for that store that I leave the state for Memorial Day weekend… but probably good for my check book 🙂