The perfect picture – almost

I went to East Tennessee this weekend to visit my family. It was a good visit, and for the first time in my life I listened to an audio fiction book on the trip. I think I like that, and it was a story that I know well so that helped to follow it as I drove.

On the way back I took the following photo with my new camera…. it is almost perfect… This was taken at the top of a mountain, and looking over the mist-enshrouded mountains and trees one can almost imagine a hardy band of travelers, from the Lord of the Rings perhaps, or some other epic tale making their way through the fog.



Heading for the mountains!

Tomorrow I journey home to visit my sister and mother, and am looking forward to the trip. It is certainly a journey, in more ways than one, from Indianapolis to Maryville, Tennessee. I look forward to getting my annual mountain “fix” and getting away from my work-a-day routine to spend time with the family that God gave me. Our family is unusual, but these are the people that God chose for me to be born into. That is a good thing to ponder from time to time, it wasn’t just a matter of chance that we have the families that we have 🙂

I have that snazzy new digital camera, so will try to remember to pack it and to take some good pictures. It will be good to see the mountains again 🙂

Current Project Listing

Ok, I am finally getting to a point where I can spend some time with needlework before my new index comes at the end of the month. Writing indexes is a great way to make extra debt-payment money, but it is quite intensive.

Work continues on Night Flight, referenced in recent postings.

Work is starting on the two Epiginations. Hopefully one will be complete by Nativity and the other by Pascha, but we shall see!

I have decided to start work in the Wild Rose, a needlepainting project for a friend of mine. I hope to complete it and have it framed in time for Nativity, but time will tell. You can see it here. I WAS going to stitch the Blackwork Peacock for her instead, but after talking with her husband I settled on the Wild Rose.  I still have the material for the Peacock, I think it would look great on MY wall – unless I choose to give it to someone else. Work has kind of stopped on the Forest but this is not due to a dislike for the project – I just have too many other things going on!

In case you haven’t noticed, Wild Rose, Forest, and Peacock are all from the same designer. Tanja Berlin has a wide variety of wonderful designs and also provides free critique if desired. Ok, time to pop something into the DVD player and start stitching for the afternoon!