Night Flight, a design by Amy Bear

Great Lent starts for the Orthodox this year rather late. Forgiveness Sunday is March 10th, and Pascha is April 27th – almost as late as it can be. I have no idea when I will have the time to post again, so I wanted to give a little progress report on one of my current projects.

Night Flight

The name of this design is Night Flight, and it is a rather long piece. I started it several years ago, completed the first couple of sections, and set it aside until now. You can see an image of the completed piece on the designer’s site here. I am not capable of doing such a design exactly as it is charted, so I do wind up “tweaking” some of the stitches. Not in a major way, for example, the two blue sections you see call for a Reverse Scotch stitch. Indeed that is what I am using for those two sections, but perhaps I reverse directions for the beginning row or something like that (which actually reverses the direction of all that follows in that section).

All of the fibers are overdyes, some are more subtle than others. It is an enjoyable piece. What sparked my return to THIS project was that I have, or had, a framed finished project of hers on my living room wall that was moved to my office wall at work. I like it there, but I miss having something like this at home, so it is time to finish it. I will work on other things during Lent, but hope to have it completed sometime this summer.


Forest and Shadow

I know I said that I was leaving this blog for good…. but apparently I was mistaken 🙂 I won’t be posting often at all, but occasionally I run across something that I would like to post about.

While I have too many embroidery and needlepoint projects right now to even consider getting this one started – I find it quite interesting. This is something called shadow work – and these two images of the front and back show why it is called that:

Forest Back Forest Front

The image on the left is the back side (Herringbone stitch created by the backstitching on the front), the right image is the front. You can read more about shadow work – and this particular project here: