Current Project Listing

Ok, I am finally getting to a point where I can spend some time with needlework before my new index comes at the end of the month. Writing indexes is a great way to make extra debt-payment money, but it is quite intensive.

Work continues on Night Flight, referenced in recent postings.

Work is starting on the two Epiginations. Hopefully one will be complete by Nativity and the other by Pascha, but we shall see!

I have decided to start work in the Wild Rose, a needlepainting project for a friend of mine. I hope to complete it and have it framed in time for Nativity, but time will tell. You can see it here. I WAS going to stitch the Blackwork Peacock for her instead, but after talking with her husband I settled on the Wild Rose.  I still have the material for the Peacock, I think it would look great on MY wall – unless I choose to give it to someone else. Work has kind of stopped on the Forest but this is not due to a dislike for the project – I just have too many other things going on!

In case you haven’t noticed, Wild Rose, Forest, and Peacock are all from the same designer. Tanja Berlin has a wide variety of wonderful designs and also provides free critique if desired. Ok, time to pop something into the DVD player and start stitching for the afternoon!


Night Flight Update

Please see the earlier post for the last photo of Night Flight. I love this design, it is an Amy Bear design and while some of her designs at least approach that “cute” category, this one does not. Please note that this is only about 1/3 complete, and will likely take me at least another year to finish. I am waiting for a design to start another liturgical embroidery project, and all other embroidery projects will once again be set aside when that comes. Of course, that depends when it comes, the last time I waited for almost a year to get the design 🙂

One of the things I love about Amy Bear’s needlpoint designs is the sheer multiplicty of stitches that she uses! That doesn’t mean I don’t “tweak” the stich used for a section if I think it neccessary, but the array of stitches adds texture and visual appeal to the project. This is NOT the needlepoint from the 1960s!

Please note that this has a companion piece, that one is called “Sunset” and is the mirror image of this piece, but the colors chosen are that of sunset, and a different palate of stiches were chosen. I will not do that project, I find the colors in that project less appealing.

3 Projects at the same time?

Someone who reads this blog commented when we were talking on the phone the other evening that I am working on 3 projects at the same time.

Actually, if I were honest, it is probably double that – but there are several projects I haven’t worked on in a LONG time – and I do intend on changing that once I get through the current list of projects. God willing. Should I live that long 🙂

You see, there is the liturgical embroidery – that I am not yet ready to go back to until my spirit settles some more after the death of my stepfather a couple of weeks ago…

Tiramisu is a huge project, and the little work I’ve done on it so far tells me it will take quite some time to finish – and I have promised liturgical embroidery projects for TWO monastic sketes…. sorry Tiramisu, but liturgical emboidery takes presidence once I get back to it.

In the end, I think that there are lots of reasons for multiple projects. It isn’t to keep from being bored (I dare anyone to tell me that creating things of beauty could ever be boring!)… nor is it because I don’t have “better things to do” – for that isn’t the case either.

I think that it is the allure of learning new skills with which to use to create things of beauty – and what can be more beautiful than something that will be used in Orthodox worship? It seems to me that it is the end-purpose of the work that makes it beautiful – not what little effort I may have put into it. Does that make sense?

 Ok, I will stop pondering, and go pick up a needle – in the end – needle and thread is a much easier medium for me to express myself than words. I keep trying though 🙂

Current Project Roll Call!

God willing I will soon break down and not only purchase a cell phone (for trips only), BUT it will also have a camera – so I can take pics of my projects rather more easily and post my progress here. Why yes, I AM too cheap frugal to buy a digital camera 🙂

I am FINALLY able, God willing, to actually cut the two small chalice covers. This has been something of a journey as I ruined the first set I cut. Folks, brocade isn’t cheap… This has been a learning experience and a half. I didn’t expect otherwise, but I didn’t understand that you have to “look” at brocade differently in order to get it right. No wonder it costs more to have experienced needlewomen to work with the material (or needlemen, I don’t wish to discriminate 🙂

Luck of the Irish is finally being started this week. I haven’t done goldwork before and am told it goes quickly – I pray that is so as it is due in August. Luck is the second picture in this

Tiramisu was started yesterday, but it won’t be completed in time to send it to the instructor for judging, though I MAY ask for an extension assuming that I think I stand some hope of being able to complete it in time. This is a blackwork project and it isn’t a small one…

There are other projects, but these three are my primary WIPs (works in progress). The others are still laid out on the “needlework table” to prod me along, but sadly I haven’t yet figured out how to live without sleep…

When I break down and purchase the camera phone, I will start posting more regular updates. I know, I should get a camera. . . Oh Well 🙂

Card-carrying member of the HSS

So what IS the HSS? Such an odd combination of letters, what could it MEAN? If you are a member of the Cyberstitcher chapter of the Embroider’s Guild of America you would already know.

HSS = Head Slap Society.

That would be your OWN head…

as in….



Why am I a member of the HSS? Let me list the ways….

1. Luck of the Irish goldwork group correspondence course. Class is starting right now, or as soon as we all get our materials. March 2007 is when we are supposed to have finished it. That is if we want our work evaluated 🙂

2. Tiramisu, blackwork group correspondance course. Starts as soon as we all get our materials, scheduled to be completed in October 2007.

3. Chalice Cover set- set in white brocade, beginning as soon as I get the chance to start working on it.

4. Chalice Cover set – set in burgandy wool – to begin whenever I finish #3

5. Still have to complete the “All Things Bright and Beautiful” sampler for some friends who had thier first child 14 months ago. I had HOPED to have it to them by her first birthday….

6. Finish several books on my reading list.

7. Ramp up marking for freelance indexing business


oh yes, I work for a living 🙂

Any questions now about why I am a proud member of the HSS?