New address for project pics

I just returned from a trip and found out that some have had problems getting to my project pics – I probably gave the address from my account and not the public address – which is here.

This really should work.

My trip was very nice, and of course I am really stretched for time so I can’t add much to this post. Tomorrow begins the first day of Lent, we call this first week *Clean Week* for assorted reasons – one of which is that there are a lot of services.


Photos – finally

This is not a new post, just an updated link to some old photos 🙂

Thankfully I have enough time for one more post today – and to post links to several completed and in-progress project photos:

Completed: Amy Bear’s Heavenly Stained Cats (modified by yours truly)
Completed: Analogian cover – the one on the left – the one on the right is applique, not embroidery

In progress: Christ the Teacher – Chart by Solaria Gallery

All of the above may be viewed here, and more will be added as time goes on.

Hint of Spring…

I love this time of the year! Winter is reluctantly starting to give up its icy grip on the MidWest and Spring starts to send out tentative feelers to let us know that it’s on the way! Don’t get me wrong, there are things I do like about Winter and EVEN Summer (which is my least favorite of the 4 – I just don’t like heat/humidity), but Spring and Fall have always been my favorite.

This year Great Lent is starting as the harbingers of Spring increase – Pascha is late this year – April 30 – pretty much as late as it CAN be on the Orthodox calendar. I like that the two come together – as I watch the landscape come alive with the changing season, it somehow makes the journey of Great Lent even more meaningful – if that is even possible.

10 days before the first day of Great Lent, and two days before I leave for a week down to Tennessee. God willing it will be a good trip, and I will return next Saturday – hoping to bring a little of Spring back with me.

Next time I will have a project update and, perhaps, even links to a few pictures! It will likely be two weeks before that happens. Between my trip and the first week of Lent that follows, there will be little time to sit in front of my computer – but the photos are coming!

If you read this and you have your own blog (Meg, hint hint 🙂 please remember to add a comment with your blog address. Meg, that is about as subtle a hint as I am capable of – not that it is directed at you or anything 🙂