New Year…New Cat

Ok… I am allergic to cats. However, most of my adult life since age 27 I’ve had a cat or two around, and there have been few problems. A few years ago a dr. convinced me that my cat was the cause of some problems and I got rid of her. That didn’t take care of the problem because it was actually side-effects of steroid inhalers.

It is now 2.5 years later, and I am succumbing… I will try it one more time – I really miss having a cat around.

So…. here is his picture from the shelter’s site. He is FIV+, which means he has to be a single cat – but that is all I can have anyway. He deserves a home too, and isn’t he sweet! They think he is a Russian Blue mix.


Some children in my parish have made the following name suggestions – the ordering does not reflect preference on my part:

1. Man of Paws (I suspect adult women would get a kick out of that one – say it quickly 🙂
2. Topaz
3. Velvet
4. Sapphire
5. The Russian words for “dark cat”

How about:

Velvet Smoke?
Smokey Velvet?
Gray Velvet?
Velvet Paws?
Velvet Topaz (what does that even mean?)
Gray Ghost?
(see a theme here? I am trying to work at least one of the kids names into the 10-month old kittens new name. His current name is “Vinny” and that just won’t do).

Suggestions, anyone?


6 thoughts on “New Year…New Cat

  1. Mrs. Mutton says:

    Oh, Smokey, definitely. Or Koor-you — the Russian word for smoke. 😉

    This baby is definitely NOT a Vinny!! This is a beautiful cat, and he deserves a much more descriptive name! Hope he gets along well with your embroidery. My son’s girlfriend has a cat and says that every time she sits down to crochet or cross stitch, the cat parks itself in her lap — doesn’t mess with her project, but just wants to be In on the Action. Good luck with this one!

  2. Mrs. Mutton says:

    Ah, just found another one: Dimka!

  3. mimima says:

    My son says “Velvet”

    What a lovely cat. I have to admit, I didn’t know you were allergic, but my mental picture of you always includes a cat around.

  4. Catrin says:

    Yes, I gave my last cat up almost 3 years ago and have missed her ever since – when you live alone it is nice to have another living creature with you.

    In the end, I chose Topaz. To me Velvet denotes a calm cat, and while he is great, he is a little tornado at times 🙂 His eyes are also a perfect topaz color, so that is what I finally decided on.

    I did think on various versions of smokey and stormy, in different languages, but in the end Topaz seemed to work the best.

    Thanks for your comments, both of you! I do like Dimka – and will reserve that for the future should it be needed 🙂

  5. Mimi says:

    I like Topaz!

  6. Catherine K. says:

    I thought it was settled, but his personality and energy level is very much like Tigger – and thus he has become. Not wanting to disappoint some little girls I know, his name remains Topaz, with a nickname of Tigger 🙂

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