Brocade Chalice Covers

Christ is Born!
Glorify Him!

Has anyone pieced together a set of chalice covers from brocade? I am embroidering a set of chalice covers for a skete, and have been asked to piece the two smaller cloths together instead of just cutting one piece for the entire cloth. Orthodox liturgical brocade is very expensive (can be over $200/yard), so of course there should be no waste if at all possible.

I understand what’s being asked, but am trying to figure out how to do it in such a way that it won’t LOOK like it’s been pieced together…


The Kit Has Landed

The kit for my EGA group correspondance course, Luck of the Irish, that is.

Let’s see what the kit includes:

11×8 cut of Emerald Green Silk
Lacing, basting AND cuching thread
tissue paper
wax paper
5 different sizes/kinds of needles

padding gimp (looks like floss to me 🙂


the English Metals (remember, this is a goldwork course)

Pearl Purl
Check Purl
Smooth Purl
Wire Check Purl

Interesing names for the metals, aren’t they?

The purls are all gold gilt, the spangles are 2% gold.

Materials are beautiful, the task somewhat intimidating to begin 🙂 However it promises to be fun once I force myself to actually start – needless to say, this isn’t like working with floss!


I wanted to wish a wonderful and blessed Nativity to both people who are kind enough to read this blog 🙂 I can’t say anything better about it than the tropar for the Feast that I have pasted below:

Your Nativity O Christ our God has dawned to the world the light of wisdom, for by it those who worship the stars, were taught by a star to adore You the Sun of Righteousness, and to know You the dawn from above, O Lord, glory to You