Wild Rose: Completed

Here is the lovely Wild Rose, far too long after I started work on it. My other activities mean I’ve far less time to do needlework this days and it is now mainly a winter activity. For everything there is a season 🙂


Efficient Diary – testing an electronic diary

I just installed Efficient Diary on my computer at home. I have always enjoyed keeping a journal, but my handwriting is awful and as I spend so much time at my computer anyway it seemed good to try an electronic version.

I have found this to be much nicer than a password-protected Word document. The interface is intuitive, and you can change the basic display if you wish. This also gives you the ability to add images, tables and other elements.

Because this is software dedicated to one purpose, there are features that you cannot have with a diary kept in any word processing software. You can manage your entries by hierarchical grouping if you wish and other unique features. I am looking forward to using this on a daily basis. For more information go here.

I must mention that I get a free license by posting this review here.

Wild Rose – First Stage

I spent most of New Years Day (and much of the night) working on this embroidery project and watching a Stargate marathon on my DVD player. Both were quite enjoyable.

Wild Rose is an embroidery project using a technique that is sometimes called “needle painting”. This is a combination of long/short stitches with split stitch to create something that can be quite realistic. This is for a friend in my parish, and it was to have been a Christmas present. Well, that didn’t happen, but it shouldn’t take me much longer to finish it. Since it is too cold for me to bike, it isn’t too cold for me to stitch 🙂

With the spinning classes and training sessions I don’t have as much free time on my hands for stitching, but I am finding a new enjoyment of it – perhaps due to the very reason that I don’t have much time to work on it. So I am making the most of what time I have! I also hope to start making progress on the Epigination I am supposed to be working on as well.

Epigonation and Blackwork (updated)

Blackwork Cross

It is about time to start work on my next liturgical embroidery project. There is something special about doing liturgical embroidery. It is, in a way, more satisfying than other projects.  I do, in the end, prefer to do projects for others anyway, projects intended for my walls seem to rarely get completed.

The above Blackwork Cross will not be on the first Epigonation, but on the second, I have volunteered to stitch two of them, one on a red wool fabric, and the second on a beautiful white Scottish linen (which will have the above cross in the center). My design for the red woolen Epigonation is hand-drawn and will be done in surface embroidery, so I doubt that I will be able to post a decent picture here before it is done. It is my hope to have the red one completed by Nativity, and the white one for Pascha. It just depends on so many other things, but that is my hope.

The design for the red Epigonation will be quite different – basically a cross with vines and flowers. I will post a photo of that when it is far enough along. You can see the framed project in the photo here, it was for a good friend.

Current Project Listing

Ok, I am finally getting to a point where I can spend some time with needlework before my new index comes at the end of the month. Writing indexes is a great way to make extra debt-payment money, but it is quite intensive.

Work continues on Night Flight, referenced in recent postings.

Work is starting on the two Epiginations. Hopefully one will be complete by Nativity and the other by Pascha, but we shall see!

I have decided to start work in the Wild Rose, a needlepainting project for a friend of mine. I hope to complete it and have it framed in time for Nativity, but time will tell. You can see it here. I WAS going to stitch the Blackwork Peacock for her instead, but after talking with her husband I settled on the Wild Rose.  I still have the material for the Peacock, I think it would look great on MY wall – unless I choose to give it to someone else. Work has kind of stopped on the Forest but this is not due to a dislike for the project – I just have too many other things going on!

In case you haven’t noticed, Wild Rose, Forest, and Peacock are all from the same designer. Tanja Berlin has a wide variety of wonderful designs and also provides free critique if desired. Ok, time to pop something into the DVD player and start stitching for the afternoon!