Christ is Risen! Truly He has Risen!


BBC News – Orthodox Easter in pictures

Christos Voskrese (a wonderful Serbian song with lyrics taken from a poem by St. Nikolai Velimirovich) – view the English translation here

Stichera of Pascha (Romanian)

Christos Anesti (Greek)

Toaca – Evening at a Moldavian Monastery
We have some young men who play the Toaca well at our parish, but nothing like this monk!


Do you desire long life? A word from Saint Gregory Palamas

“Given that we desire long life, should we not take eternal life into account? If we long for a kingdom which, however enduring, has an end, and glory and joy which, great as they are, will fade, and wealth that will perish with this present life, and we labour for the sake of such things; ought we not to seek the kingdom, glory, joy and riches which, as well as being all-surpassing, are unfading and endless, and ought we not to endure a little constraint in order to inherit it? Besides, we are presupposing a kingdom free from war, which is impossible on earth, and a life without sorrow, which you can only find in heaven. So let anyone who desires these things run towards heaven and, whether the way there be easy or difficult, let him journey along it, “rejoicing in hope” and “patient in tribulation”

Saint Gregory Palamas

The Homilies of Saint Gregory Palamas, Volume Two
Homily 22, page 8
Saint Tikhon’s Press

As Lent approaches, I may post other words from Saint Gregory…

Favorite Biblical Dictionary

I’ve never actually HAD a Bible Dictionary … and while I am quite happy with the new full Orthodox Study Bible (knowing that it isn’t possible to have a “perfect” translation), I am thinking about finally getting a dictionary.  A good single volume dictionary would be good, and probably the most affordable.

The thing is, there are so many to choose from. Do you have a favorite? I’ve heard that Thomas Nelson has a good 1-volume that has recently been updated – check it out here.  What would be a good choice for an Orthodox Christian? Can there be, (say it isn’t so), confessional differences between bibical dictionaries? It is a pity that the question even needs asking…

I am looking forward to seeing what suggestions others may have.

Metropolitan Jonah and the All American Council

I suspect that this post isn’t really necessary, as this links are available so many places. However, in case for some reason you’ve missed this, then you can check out all of the recordings from the All American Council.

While my opinion doesn’t much matter, I was very, very pleased to learn the result of the election – Metropolitan Jonah is indeed the right man for the time – may God strenghten him for the long and hard road before him.