Life rewound

Life is interesting at all times, though perhaps more exciting from time to time. Currently am fighting asthma due to the change of seasons, and, perhaps, a tiny dose of the flu. Or cold. Or allergies. Whatever, I don’t feel good. Indeed, I stayed home from the Liturgy for the Entrance of the Theotokos today – which isn’t like me. There are other health issues as well, but I won’t go into them here 🙂

Far more interesting than my little health challenges is my bicycle research 🙂 I have given up on the Pure Lowstep as it doesn’t have many gears. Rather I need something with sufficient gears for the hills and the Trek Pure won’t help with that.

The Trek 7300 WSD just might do that however, and here it is! Thankfully my spin class instructor has agreed to go shopping with me in March to help me get the best bicycle for me. It isn’t that I do not trust the store staff, the LBS is fantastic – but I would prefer input from someone who isn’t working for the store.