Camera, Needlepoint, and Epigonation

I am finally purchasing the first decent digital camera in my life – and FedEx will deliver my new Sony Cyper-Shot camera on Tuesday. Well – they will ATTEMPT to deliver it, I find that they never come when I am home. Ever. It is rather difficult to get Fedex packages at my apartment for this reason – they do not wish to leave it without a signature and their pickup location is something like 20 miles from my home. No matter, I will get it however I can!

Once it lands, I will provide updated pics on the progress of Night Flight (almost done). I have decided that I will never finish it if I insist on stitching the entire project, so I am altering the project “limits” as it were. The full chart shows a night sky with a large bird flying “over” a full moon. Then there are lots of other parts of the sky to stitch, and water, and sand, and rocks. It is, in the end, a night landscape. I’ve decided to leave out the land part and just focus on the sky. It is quite large anyway, and at least this way it will get finished. Finishing is a good thing.

I am also going to start work sometime this summer on embroidery for an Epigonation for a priest I know. Once I take care of a few details and actually get started I will post the progress here. I will use blackwork embroidery to stitch a cross and a border that will surround the cross.

Oh yes, I will also receive the entire television series of Stargate SG-1 in the same package. Something of an overkill, the series covers 54 dvds! However, one needs something to watch when doing non-liturgical needlework – and it is a good series. No more DVDs for me for a loooooong time 🙂