Dawn approaching for the Stitching Garden?

Perhaps, perhaps not, I haven’t decided yet how active this blog will become. However I DID want to catch up those few who are still checking this site from time to time on my needlework progress.

I am working on a LOT of projects, which means none of them are being completed very quickly.

1. Chalice Cover set: I have completed the large Aer, but am awaiting the two smaller cloths from my priest so I can embroider them

2. All Things Bright and Beautiful – a cross-stitch sampler from Long Dog Designs (a French company)You can see her designs here, they are unusual – which they HAVE to be for me to consider working cross-stitch. There is nothing wrong with it, I just happen to find it somewhat boring after a period of time.

3. Have made little progress on the embroidered icon of Christ – unsure why, probably just not time to finish it yet. It is about 60% complete.

4. Night Flight, it can be seen here and is a very interesting and diverse needlepoint project. You might want to check out her other offerings. I do like non-geometric needlepoint, and she has some very interesting designs.

Projects I am considering – and indeed have already ordered the charts!

WindowPanes in Knotwork: Greek Cross Black work just isn’t in black any more 🙂 This is a beautiful piece that has an Orthodox Cross front and center!


Getting Lost in a Blackwork Maze
: This is another blackwork piece and has me very curious as well.

I have a very busy schedule and probably shouldn’t have so many projects on the side – but this is how I stay sane 🙂 I find needlework very relaxing and calming, it also gives me a good excuse to to just sit and think and, at times, listen to good music. It’s a good thing I rarely, ever watch television – who has time for it 🙂