New Chalice Covers!

I have finally completed my first set of chalice covers. This is not the first set I’ve embroidered, but the first set that I have done all of the work after that – actually constructing the covers, attaching the lining, galloon, fringe, and so forth. I was asked to use the same material for the lining as for the cover, so the covers are actually too thick – which was an issue at the corners. I also haven’t used a sewing machine since what seems like the dark ages, but it all worked out.

The covers are far from perfect, but they were made with love and those for whom they were made seemed to really like them. Thank God!

Completed Aer

This is a picture of the largest cloth out of the set of three – sometimes called an Aer. This cloth has different uses between Greek and Russian traditions. In the Russian tradition ties are used (I had to go with red ribbons, I couldn’t match the burgundy fabric) and the priest ties the cloth on his back during the Great Entrance.

The next picture is of one of the two smaller covers – and they look alike so I just took a picture of one of them. You will note that it seems to be padded or something underneath the galloon on the sides. This was not meant, but comes from using the same fabric as a lining – there is just too much material. However, it seems to work. Don’t look too carefully at the corners….


New Car… again?

Last year I bought the first car ever on financing (before that I always had my cash-paid ancient car). The Mitsubishi Galant GTZ is an incredible car… but the interest rate was WAY too high, and that particular car requires premium gasoline. It is possible to use regular occasionally, but it does require high-test gas. In these times that isn’t so good a combination, so it was time for a new car – or at least a different car with a lower interest rate, better mileage, and a 4-cylinder engine that would be happy with regular gas.

And….. I found it! I have the first actual new car in my life and while the payments are higher, the interest rate is considerably lower and I think that in the long term I have a much better car. It isn’t as sporty – and frankly – I found I really do NOT like leather seats. They look great, but are never comfortable.

So bye bye Mitsubishi Galant GTZ, Hello Mitsubishi Lancer ES (hmmm, there seems to be a developing pattern here 🙂 God willing, I hope this will turn out to have been a good move. The payment is higher than I would like, but I think that over the long term I will actually spend less due to the lower interest. Also, next spring I fully intend on refinancing to get a lower interest rate. We shall see how it develops.

I’ve never had a NEW car before, so right now I am having fun 🙂

Here’s Looking At Ya! (isn’t that a cool front end?)

Here\'s looking at ya!

The Mitsubushi Lancer seems to be their competition with the Toyota Corolla, at least it seems to be. It is a good car and I am quite happy with it. Considering that not-small car payment due every month now – it is a GOOD thing that I like the car 🙂 Very smooth 5-speed and it is geared nicely.

Here is a better look at the car.