Return to the Garden

Stitching Garden, that is. I will post a picture this evening of the project I highlighted in my last post – but completed and framed.


A Finish!

I tend to like large, complex projects, so I do not complete many projects in a given year. It is, however, very nice when I do 🙂 This is Night Flight, a design by Amy Bear, and somewhat modified by me… I do not know when I will be able to afford to frame it, so thought that I should go ahead and post it!

Edited Night Flight

Current Project Listing

Ok, I am finally getting to a point where I can spend some time with needlework before my new index comes at the end of the month. Writing indexes is a great way to make extra debt-payment money, but it is quite intensive.

Work continues on Night Flight, referenced in recent postings.

Work is starting on the two Epiginations. Hopefully one will be complete by Nativity and the other by Pascha, but we shall see!

I have decided to start work in the Wild Rose, a needlepainting project for a friend of mine. I hope to complete it and have it framed in time for Nativity, but time will tell. You can see it here. I WAS going to stitch the Blackwork Peacock for her instead, but after talking with her husband I settled on the Wild Rose.  I still have the material for the Peacock, I think it would look great on MY wall – unless I choose to give it to someone else. Work has kind of stopped on the Forest but this is not due to a dislike for the project – I just have too many other things going on!

In case you haven’t noticed, Wild Rose, Forest, and Peacock are all from the same designer. Tanja Berlin has a wide variety of wonderful designs and also provides free critique if desired. Ok, time to pop something into the DVD player and start stitching for the afternoon!

Camera, Needlepoint, and Epigonation

I am finally purchasing the first decent digital camera in my life – and FedEx will deliver my new Sony Cyper-Shot camera on Tuesday. Well – they will ATTEMPT to deliver it, I find that they never come when I am home. Ever. It is rather difficult to get Fedex packages at my apartment for this reason – they do not wish to leave it without a signature and their pickup location is something like 20 miles from my home. No matter, I will get it however I can!

Once it lands, I will provide updated pics on the progress of Night Flight (almost done). I have decided that I will never finish it if I insist on stitching the entire project, so I am altering the project “limits” as it were. The full chart shows a night sky with a large bird flying “over” a full moon. Then there are lots of other parts of the sky to stitch, and water, and sand, and rocks. It is, in the end, a night landscape. I’ve decided to leave out the land part and just focus on the sky. It is quite large anyway, and at least this way it will get finished. Finishing is a good thing.

I am also going to start work sometime this summer on embroidery for an Epigonation for a priest I know. Once I take care of a few details and actually get started I will post the progress here. I will use blackwork embroidery to stitch a cross and a border that will surround the cross.

Oh yes, I will also receive the entire television series of Stargate SG-1 in the same package. Something of an overkill, the series covers 54 dvds! However, one needs something to watch when doing non-liturgical needlework – and it is a good series. No more DVDs for me for a loooooong time 🙂

Blackwork Cross

Blackwork Cross

This probably is a record for me to complete an entire embroidery project. This was stitched for Anna, and I started this last Thursday, 4 days before her death. I completed it the day after…

Anna always found Blackwork embroidery to be mysterious, and there is something to that. On one hand it is very simple, a single strand of floss that is used to make geometric shapes that fill, and make, other shapes. She did get to see it in progress though, and my rush to complete it means that there are mistakes in the pattern. Some are intentional, a couple are not 🙂 However, I shall not fix them.  Her husband will recieve this as soon as I have framed it properly.

May her memory be eternal!

Shadow Work? Mist and Shadow…

I did not know when I changed the blog theme the other day that I would have a post with a title like this – but it fits rather nicely!

Meg asked about Shadow work and how the lovely effect is created. For a rather detailed discussion on this please go to this link. Note that I said discussion 🙂 For a graphical representation of the rather simple stitch used, go here (same site, different page).

Basically, Shadow Work has most of the work on the back of the piece, which means that the color is seen as a shadow from the front. It is a simple double back stitch that crosses over on the reverse side to create a Herringbone stitch. One must be very careful to go up in the same previous hole, so a very good lamp is required. Remember that you do this sort of work on something like sheer transparent silk Organza – mine is so sheer that I lost it on top of my white tablecloth! Yep – though something WAS on top of it, so I have an excuse 🙂

Signing off for now – the clock is showing that I am past my bed-time 🙂