Heading out of town for a few days….

Time to visit home for the long weekend, it has been quite some time since I’ve seen my Mother, and it will be good to see my sister (we were able to spend time together earlier this year, but it was in the context of a funeral).

Also time for my mountain fix 🙂 This image is from home – while the photo is from the National Park Service (Great Smokey Mountain National Park), I can get to the park by a mere 20-minute drive from my sister’s house. Click on the image to see a larger version.



Heading out of town….

Heading to a funeral in Pachita, Mississippi. That’s a long way from Speedway, IN., and in more ways than one. It almost feels like I am preparing to time travel – to go back to the time of my childhood – which was the last time that I have seen almost everyone that I will see this week.

 The funeral is that of my stepfather. Long days ahead, but such is the way of things. Pray for my stepfather, and for my family.