Photos – finally

This is not a new post, just an updated link to some old photos 🙂

Thankfully I have enough time for one more post today – and to post links to several completed and in-progress project photos:

Completed: Amy Bear’s Heavenly Stained Cats (modified by yours truly)
Completed: Analogian cover – the one on the left – the one on the right is applique, not embroidery

In progress: Christ the Teacher – Chart by Solaria Gallery

All of the above may be viewed here, and more will be added as time goes on.


2 thoughts on “Photos – finally

  1. Philippa says:

    Bummer. Couldn’t view the pics because I needed a password or something to view them. Oh well. maybe next time.

  2. Meg says:

    Oh, no! That’s strange, Webshots doesn’t usually require a password. This is some lovely work, and although you pointed out, Catherine, that one cover was embroidered and one applique, I think they are both lovely — I’m assuming you appliqued the crosses to the blue fabric, something I cannot do and end up with everything straight and even. So I’m still in awe. 😉

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