Ponderings, Mysteries, and Cats

This has been a very full, and quick summer, not all of which I am comfortable to post about on the internet. There is this dynamic between blogging (assuming that what I do here remotely resembles that activity), and separating out those things best left private. Makes things interesting ūüėČ

Between work, and marketing my fledgling book indexing business, there is little time to do needlework these days outside of Feast Days and Sundays. That is kind of sad, but the business is for a very good reason, so I really am not complaining in the least. If I could only learn how to go without sleep but, alas, it seems that I am just a human who simply MUST sleep from time to time. If I could just persuade my body that it could get by with, say, 1 hour sleep each night, or just sleep every other night,¬†that would be wonderful – but of course – it doesn’t work that way. Especially when you are (mumble mumble) years old.

At one time I used to be addicted to mysteries – I think it is something genetic from my mother. Anyway, at some point I decided I liked the mental junk food called “The Cat Who…” series. Not heavy¬†by ANY stretch of the imagination,¬†not particularly dark other than the fact that someone was always murdered, colorful characters, overly intelligent yet cute cats, and something you forgot about 3 minutes after finishing the book. Mental¬†cotton candy¬†that was good when you were too tired to read anything else and required no effort at all. A very forgetable “vacation” to an improbable town.

¬†I was at the library yesterday and noted that there was yet another one in this VERY long series, and as I hadn’t read one in a couple of years, I thought “why not?”, and checked it out. I finished it this evening and one of two things have happened:

1. I have lost my taste for mental taffy, or
2. The author REALLY needs to hang it up because she has milked the series for all it is worth, or
3. Both at the same time (I only finished it because I hate not finishing a book)

The book was awful. I think even the characters are tired of the series, it has become a trite also-ran and that is kind of sad.

I haven’t read much fiction in recent years – and I’ve¬†been disappointed every single time that I have tried – when it wasn’t a classic. There seems to be a lesson there ūüôā In the end, I really don’t have much time for leisure reading either –¬†or else my idea of “leisure” reading has changed.¬†I suspect that may¬†be closer to the truth.

Perhaps THIS book, rather than THIS one? How about THIS one?

One thing IS true, regardless of my old love for mysteries, I’ve learned that when I read more than one in a very great while – they depress me. My priest tells me that this is because – regardless of how fun it can be to try and solve a serious mystery, (as opposed to the aforementioned¬†mental¬†candy bar), there is a real darkness at the heart of them. Someone is murdered, lives are broken,¬†fell deeds are contemplated and done. My priest is a very wise man indeed.¬†¬†


Death in a Two-Storey Universe

Fr. Stephen has a wonderful post about Death in a Two-Storey Universe – check it out! It is certainly worth reading and pondering.

Yes, it has been quite some time since my last post, but life is so full right now and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down much. This is not a bad thing ūüôā I will post more as I can. Perhaps even some pictures of a new chalice cover soon!

Inclusive Language

I have a freelance business (and a day job) in which I write back of the book indexes. This isn’t¬†a shameless plug for my business – and I doubt seriously that prospective authors and publishes will stumble across this blog anyway ūüôā

 Currently I am working on an index for textbook on international political theory, and have noted something rather odd about the gender articles being used.

Some time ago political correctness hit the scene, and it was said to be a bad thing to use “him” or “his” or “man” or the like because it left women out. I always thought that was silly, but this isn’t about my perspective of PC language. It is about a change that seems to have happened – at least in this small part of academia from which this text hails.

While, apparently, it is bad to use the term “him” or “his”, it seems to be a good thing to go the oppposite way. For example:

¬†“. . . by stressing that an enlightened human being was capable of recognizing her own best interests and pursuing those interests. . .”

I’ve seen this elsewhere in the text – am I the only one that finds this an odd choice of terms? I guess that only women are capable of being enlightened human beings, eh?


The text is actually interesting, but every time I read a sentence constructed like this it trips me up.

 Ok, back to work.

Interesting times

Interesting times these are, but it seems to me that the times we live in are always interesting. If approach life the way we should, that there will always be ‘interesting’ things going on – though perhaps not in the way the secular world defines ‘interesting’. If we are seeking God’s will in our life, and trying to see God in our daily lives and events – how can life NOT be interesting?

Follow this link to read a wonderful poem about a Rusin woman who certainly did not know what it was to be bored. . .

May went. . .

May seemed to pass by so fast this year, and it is already summer already! Here in Central Indiana we were above average for temps and wayyyyy below average for rain for the entire month. I am hoping this isn’t a harbinger of what summer will bring this year.

¬†Lots of very interesting things happened for me in May this year – for which I am thankful. On the needleworking front I hope to start making progress on the small chalice covers this weekend. My goal is to finally complete them in the next month – at least the embroidery. I understand how to FINISH them (the lining, trim, fringe and so forth), but I am hoping to find someone who will let me use their sewing machine that weekend. I don’t think the finishing will actually take a long time – once I get up the nerve to do it ūüôā

I will have another picture here of the smaller covers once the design is settled – it can’t be the same as the large Aer because of the nature of the pattern on the brocade and the size of it – but it will be as similar as possible.

Bright Week and Forgiveness

Christ is Risen!
Truly He is Risen! 

¬†This week I have found myself thinking a great deal over Bright Week itself, and how forgiveness seems to wash over everthing in this 7-day long “8th” day. Yes, forgiveness is available at any and every time, repentence and the Sacrament of Repentence is all that is needed… but there is something special about these 7 days. The air seems clearer, light seems brighter, everything is renewed in the Light of the Resurrection.