Do you desire long life? A word from Saint Gregory Palamas

“Given that we desire long life, should we not take eternal life into account? If we long for a kingdom which, however enduring, has an end, and glory and joy which, great as they are, will fade, and wealth that will perish with this present life, and we labour for the sake of such things; ought we not to seek the kingdom, glory, joy and riches which, as well as being all-surpassing, are unfading and endless, and ought we not to endure a little constraint in order to inherit it? Besides, we are presupposing a kingdom free from war, which is impossible on earth, and a life without sorrow, which you can only find in heaven. So let anyone who desires these things run towards heaven and, whether the way there be easy or difficult, let him journey along it, “rejoicing in hope” and “patient in tribulation”

Saint Gregory Palamas

The Homilies of Saint Gregory Palamas, Volume Two
Homily 22, page 8
Saint Tikhon’s Press

As Lent approaches, I may post other words from Saint Gregory…


2 thoughts on “Do you desire long life? A word from Saint Gregory Palamas

  1. Mrs. Mutton says:

    It’s times like this that I wish St. Gregory were still around — I’d love to ask him how to handle a desire, not for a long life particularly, but for a life lived well. Who wants to live to be 90 when it’s so fraught with misery?!

  2. Catrin says:

    I am certainly not Saint Gregory, but perhaps the answer is not to focus on how long, or how short, our lives will be? To take each day that we are given and offer everything in that day back to Christ, to walk gently, and love those whom we are given to love.

    I am just a beginner, and a weak one at that, but perhaps this is a good beginning.

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