Shadow Work? Mist and Shadow…

I did not know when I changed the blog theme the other day that I would have a post with a title like this – but it fits rather nicely!

Meg asked about Shadow work and how the lovely effect is created. For a rather detailed discussion on this please go to this link. Note that I said discussion šŸ™‚ For a graphical representation of the rather simple stitch used, go here (same site, different page).

Basically, Shadow Work has most of the work on the back of the piece, which means that the color is seen as a shadow from the front. It is a simple double back stitch that crosses over on the reverse side to create a Herringbone stitch. One must be very careful to go up in the same previous hole, so a very good lamp is required. Remember that you do this sort of work on something like sheer transparent silk Organza – mine is so sheer that I lost it on top of my white tablecloth! Yep – though something WAS on top of it, so I have an excuse šŸ™‚

Signing off for now – the clock is showing that I am past my bed-time šŸ™‚