Forest – here are the images from my 2008 post

Forest Front

Meg asked what Forest will look like when it is completed – hopefully it will look like these images. The misty on is the front, the other photo is of the completed back.

This is called “Shadow Work” and I like it very much. It is actually quite simple, one just needs a VERY good light to work on the transparent silk organza, and a steady hand

Forest: Shadow and Mist 🙂

Forest Back


2 thoughts on “Forest – here are the images from my 2008 post

  1. Mrs. Mutton says:

    Impressive technique, since the front and back are only distinguished by the “misty look,” as you put it. How do you get the back so neat?

  2. Catrin says:

    It has to do with the technique – Shadow Work has it’s name for the obvious reason. Most of the work is actually done on the back, and the shadow of the color is seen through the silk organza used as the ground fabric. Other fabrics may be used, but there are few that are sheer and transparent enough for this technique.

    Basically the stitch is simply a back stitch that is crossed in the back to produce a Herringbone stitch. It is quite delightful to work.

    I have yet to try stitching since the advent of the new cat in the house…

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