Personality Type

I am always fascinated by these things, and this is the one test that I’ve paid attention to over the years. I seem to swing between the INFJ and the ISFJ over the years – apparently these days I am in the ISFJ “court” – nickname of “The Defender, Protector” Cool! If you ever actually SAW me, the association of such terms for me would be most funny, but there you go.

I always rate way high in the Introverted/Judging categories, much closer to the middle for Sensing/Intuitive and Thinking/Feeling. Of course “Judging” doesn’t mean being judgmental, it means that I like closure – I hate to leave things open ended (let’s go ahead and make our minds up on what to do, ok?); Feeling doesn’t mean I don’t use my brain πŸ™‚

Why does this test matter? Let’s face it, most of these things are for fun, and quite often are taken far too seriously. or take themselves far too much so. To me it brings home that different people do, indeed, think and process things differently. The Myers-Briggs, and the related “temperament sorters” such as this one, seems to do a good job at pointing that out.

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2 thoughts on “Personality Type

  1. mimima says:

    I am the same type as you:

    Extraverted 26% Introverted74%
    Sensing 95% Intuition 5%
    Thinking 47% Feeling 53%
    Judging 63% Perceiving 37%

  2. Mrs. Mutton says:

    Although it’s been quite a while since I took one of these things, I can tell you that I tend to vacillate between INTJ and INSJ. Not sure what that says about my personality — and at my age, I’m not sure I really care. πŸ˜‰

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