Technology… and birthday presents

I confess, I have a weakness for technology. Especially the marriage of books and technology…. though I prefer the old fashioned printed text, there is something to be said for the new crop of ebook readers – especially THIS one (no, it is NOT the Kindle). A touch of arthritis in the hands, and the desire to always have something to read with me helped to justify this overly-expensive purchase. I spoiled myself for my birthday… however… I also got 100 free classics to download with the purchase.

Ok, so I feel more than a little guilty for spending so much on myself for my birthday – I am supposed to be cutting back and paying off my debts (and this week I succeeded in paying of all of my credit card debt!) But, I did indeed pay cash, so I guess I can’t complain 🙂

Cool toy, and at the price I paid for it, I will certainly USE it. I can’t use this for my Orthodox reading, but pretty much everything else. I wouldn’t want to read my Orthodox texts this way anyway. Check it out, and they have a library of 1,000 classics from which to choose your 100 free texts. Some of the ebooks that are available for sale are VERY expensive, from $2 to several hundred, but they seem to have a good assortment. I will have to carefully avoid the “paying” part of their store – I spent everything on the reader 🙂


One thought on “Technology… and birthday presents

  1. mimima says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday and Many Years!
    I think it is a good present, and congratulations on paying off your credit card debt.

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