Forest Update

I promised interim reports, and pictures, of this lovely shadow-work project from Berlin Embroidery. Tanja Berlin (a Canadian designer) has the most exquisite embroidery designs and what is even better – none of them are “cute”. I strongly dislike “cute”.  They are, however, beautiful, some even elegant, and are in a wide variety of techniques. Also, once you purchase one of her kits, you are free ongoing critique available – she will help you if you get stuck! All you have to do is to send her an email.

Scroll down to the earlier post to see the mounted silk organza (transparent) with design drawn on. Here is a picture of what it looks like at this particular moment in time. I think I would already be done with it if I didn’t have an index due!

The little threads you see going off in different directions are called “away knots” – except for the really long on that is simply the current working thread. One must be VERY careful as both sides are visible so you have to be especially careful in ending/beginning threads. I think this is going to be striking when done – though I have not perfected the Herringbone stitch yet. One thing is sure, when working with transparent material and the needle HAS to use previous holes, the brightest possible light is needed.

Meg asked about my working area – here is a photo of what it looks like when I am actually stitching. I do not have a single place where supplies are stored, they are stored wherever I can find room for them. I do have a table in the living room on which is stored all of the current supplies for works in progress.