Update – Health

Thanks be to God, the surgery was successful and I am doing better. Thank you for your prayers in my recovery. I still have 3 weeks before returning to work, and I am finally starting to feel well enough to take advantage of the time. Thankfully no cancer, of any kind, was found, and the answer to some questions were found – and they promise I will be pain free once recovered from the surgery. I am thankful.

I cannot do much physically yet, I still have major lifting restrictions, and while I am going for walks they are still rather short. However, that leaves lots of time for needlework, reading, and other calm activities. I am so very, very thankful that chemotherapy is not included in that list! In the next post I have two pictures, but they deserve their own post.


One thought on “Update – Health

  1. Mrs. Mutton says:

    As someone pointed out, “Stage 1 cancer is the cure.” No chemo needed. And yours wasn’t yet cancer. Glory to God that they got it in time!

    Yes, mind those lifting restrictions, and cough carefully — it was a cough that caused one of my internal repairs to rupture. NOT fun.

    It took me a year to feel like stitching again, so be doubly glad that you had the DaVinci surgery! Much love to you!

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