The Sound of Silence & Prayers

S-P (here) has been posting about silence, and there is an interesting discussion on his blog about this. I was going to just respond on his blog, but since I haven’t posted here for quite some time, it seemed good to do it here instead 🙂

Silence…. I wish I could hear it 🙂 While that was a joke, I do have tinnitus due to nerve damage which means that for the last full decade, 24 hours a day, asleep or awake, my ears are making at LEAST 3 different sounds, at different tones. (Despite that, my hearing is pretty good).

Oddly enough, at about the same time I started backing off on all of the electronic noise generators that are available. Of course, it doesn’t do us much good to set aside the electronic toys if we just fill the space with interior noise.

Silence…. it would be good to hear physical silence, and it would be much better to hear interior silence. Perhaps, someday, God willing, I will know what that INTERNAL silence sounds like.

In other news, I am preparing to have major surgery on August 19th. Please keep me in your prayers.


2 thoughts on “The Sound of Silence & Prayers

  1. Mimi says:

    My prayers with you as you approach your surgery. Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy, Lord have Mercy.

  2. Meg (aka "MrsMutton") says:

    Of course you are in my prayers, and I also have you on my parish’s prayer list, as well as having Father say prayers for you at Paraklesis. BTDT, and I’m taking no chances with prayers for you!

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