New Chalice Covers!

I have finally completed my first set of chalice covers. This is not the first set I’ve embroidered, but the first set that I have done all of the work after that – actually constructing the covers, attaching the lining, galloon, fringe, and so forth. I was asked to use the same material for the lining as for the cover, so the covers are actually too thick – which was an issue at the corners. I also haven’t used a sewing machine since what seems like the dark ages, but it all worked out.

The covers are far from perfect, but they were made with love and those for whom they were made seemed to really like them. Thank God!

Completed Aer

This is a picture of the largest cloth out of the set of three – sometimes called an Aer. This cloth has different uses between Greek and Russian traditions. In the Russian tradition ties are used (I had to go with red ribbons, I couldn’t match the burgundy fabric) and the priest ties the cloth on his back during the Great Entrance.

The next picture is of one of the two smaller covers – and they look alike so I just took a picture of one of them. You will note that it seems to be padded or something underneath the galloon on the sides. This was not meant, but comes from using the same fabric as a lining – there is just too much material. However, it seems to work. Don’t look too carefully at the corners….


One thought on “New Chalice Covers!

  1. Mrs. Mutton says:

    Catherine, these look *lovely*! Congratulations on finishing them, and may they be in service to our Lord and His Church for many, many years!

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