More pictures from Holy Friday

I do not know if this photo will help Meg to see the structure of our Tomb any better or not, but it is far better than my earlier one. This was taken on Holy Friday, just prior to the Vespers service. This is a closeup that shows more details of the flowers. I did not take this picture.

Here is a shot that one of our choir members took of the Cross after Vespers and before it was pushed up closer to the Tomb. He was on the floor when taking this shot.


2 thoughts on “More pictures from Holy Friday

  1. Mrs. Mutton says:

    Yes, the top one does help — not because your own pictures were bad, but because I missed the detail that the Tomb is actually sitting on a *table.* That was what was throwing me off. I don’t know if our setup was any more obvious from my photo, but our Tomb comes in two pieces, a table designed especially for the Tomb, and the Tomb itself. Since all the Greek parishes have this setup, I was unprepared for the table on which your Tomb is sitting. What a beautiful job your folks did on decorating your church for Holy Friday! The Cross is one photo I wanted to get, and just didn’t — again, forgot my camera on Holy Friday, so wasn’t able to get that one at all. However — who cares?! HE IS RISEN! 😀

  2. mimima says:

    Your Iconostasis is gorgeous! Our tomb is similar to yours, we don’t do the crawling under it that the Greeks do.

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