Wooden Floors…

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Ms Mutton wrote:

What a beautiful parish you have — it looks very homey. I’m especially impressed by how beautiful it looks with no pews, and with the oriental carpets scattered over the wood floor, something I’ve not seen anywhere else (at the one Russian parish I attended, there were oriental carpets on a marble floor; at Jordanville, the floors are highly polished, but bare, wood).

Our church was built in 1946 as it had outgrown it’s previous building which was an old Protestant church that the immigrant Romanians had been using since 1910. That wooden floor is, well, a little creaky )

We refinished those beautiful floors about 3-4 years ago and we TRIED to not put the oriental carpets back on the floor. The problem was that when people started arriving for Matins and Liturgy – in other words those times when people started entering the Nave at the same time you couldn’t even hear the choir. The acoustics are quite good in our small church, so between the creaking of the floor boards, the sound of heels on the wood and so forth – one couldn’t hear the choir! So the carpets went back down. Of course, without the carpets the acoustics were even better… it is kind of a shame that we had to put them back but we did.

I will get a better picture tomorrow – or else scan and post a picture that someone else took of the Tomb from Holy Friday.