Ponderings, Mysteries, and Cats – and comments

World Press is rather odd, sometimes I know when there are comments waiting, sometimes I do not. This time I didn’t know that the blog had decided that Grace’s comment was spam – but it had not been deleted as of yet. This is good. You can see the post she commented on by going here.


One thought on “Ponderings, Mysteries, and Cats – and comments

  1. Grace says:

    And at this point, it’s an even older comment than the first time. (Sorry, sometimes it takes me a long time to make the rounds.)

    I’ve had that kind of thing happen, too — comments that get thrown in with the spam. But on the other hand, it wasn’t that profound an observation, so perhaps your spam filter was just trying to maintain the quality on your blog? 🙂

    Sorry that night has to fall on the Garden, but with two jobs to do, it’s amazing that there was any daylight left at all!

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