Issues with Comments

It does not seem to happen often, but it DOES happen. From time to time someone leaves a comment on this blog that seems to wind up being “attached” to a much earlier post. The post is generally months back so it is not like the person accidently commented on the post right before the post they intended to.

 This has happened to at least three people on this blog, and when this happens I do not have the ability to move the comment. In at least one case this has caused me to delete a person’s  comment. I did not recognise his name, or email address, and the comment made no logical sense in relation to any of my posts – so I deleted it.

 So if something like this happens again, please just repost your comment. I do get notification from the blog when there is a post awaiting approval, so unless I am out of town I do get to them pretty quickly.

 This is the end of this housekeeping post, you may return to your regularly scheduled blog 🙂