Small Chalice Cover

Small Chalice Cover

What is this? While it looks beige in this photograph, it is actually white brocade. I tried it with the flash, but the flash relfected so much from the white brocade that you couldn’t really see the design, and the design is what I am having problems with.

 I am embroidering this set of chalice covers for a Skete, and it has been requested that I only embellish the pattern in the brocade, not superimpose some other design over it.  That makes perfect sense, and that is what I did with the large Aer (see it here).

There are two problems:

 1. First problem really isn’t a problem, the small cover as drawn above is about 3/4 of an inch too wide. Not a problem. However, that only compounds the real issue.

2. The pattern on this broade is large. Probably not different from other brocades, but the nature of the pattern means that it will not fit on any section of the small chalice covers – even at the present size. For this to look right a good percentage of the overall design must be embroidered.

The “top” or “middle” panel (that goes over the top of the Chalice) is  more easy to solve. Even when the size is cut back to where it should be, if I use 3\4 inch galloon there is something there for me to work with.

The “sides” of the cover are the problem. Perhaps the answer is to just embroider the center panel and leave it at that. It was requested I embroider those as well, but this may not be an option. Time will tell.

I just want to get this set completed, it has taken me months longer already than I had orgionally anticipated – however – there has been a LOT going on in recent months that I had no idea was going to come up. These are good things, I just don’t have much time left for embroidery right now – but I am making the time 🙂


2 thoughts on “Small Chalice Cover

  1. Meg says:

    I’m wondering if you could embellish with something like Petite Treasure Braid in gold, just outlining one small circlet of the brocade on each of the four side panels, towards the bottom. With a problem like this, I’d go for Simple: an outline stitch, or a small feather stitch, just around one circlet each. Whaddayathink?

  2. orthstitcher says:

    I can’t use metallics, just the silks. The galloon will cut off part of the circlets so I can’t do that either 🙂

    Ya see what I mean? I really would like to use part of the design to make something of a cross on the four sides. I just measured and marked to show where the edge of the gallon will be (3/4 inch – 1/2 inch is just too small)

    When I get a chance I will post a picture of the marked fabric, and you will note that the pattern on the brocade isn’t spaced evenly. . .

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