For Meg – Tiramisu

Meg! You did Tiramisu? Cool! What colors did you choose? I finally decided to match the colors in a varigated DMC – blues and greens. The instructor left it up to us if we chose monochrome or polychromatic color scheme.


2 thoughts on “For Meg – Tiramisu

  1. Meg says:

    No, I didn’t *do* Tiramisu, I just clicked on your link and went to the site to see what it looked like. You kidding?! I can’t even get to the (outrageously expensive) Chatelaines I have going!!!

  2. orthstitcher says:

    LOL, for some reason I read your comment to mean that you “did” it πŸ™‚ It really is a beautiful piece, and of course it’s my first attempt at blackwork so I WOULD have to pick something that is 6 inches by 24 inches! What WAS I thinking?


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