Current Project Roll Call!

God willing I will soon break down and not only purchase a cell phone (for trips only), BUT it will also have a camera – so I can take pics of my projects rather more easily and post my progress here. Why yes, I AM too cheap frugal to buy a digital camera πŸ™‚

I am FINALLY able, God willing, to actually cut the two small chalice covers. This has been something of a journey as I ruined the first set I cut. Folks, brocade isn’t cheap… This has been a learning experience and a half. I didn’t expect otherwise, but I didn’t understand that you have to “look” at brocade differently in order to get it right. No wonder it costs more to have experienced needlewomen to work with the material (or needlemen, I don’t wish to discriminate πŸ™‚

Luck of the Irish is finally being started this week. I haven’t done goldwork before and am told it goes quickly – I pray that is so as it is due in August. Luck is the second picture in this

Tiramisu was started yesterday, but it won’t be completed in time to send it to the instructor for judging, though I MAY ask for an extension assuming that I think I stand some hope of being able to complete it in time. This is a blackwork project and it isn’t a small one…

There are other projects, but these three are my primary WIPs (works in progress). The others are still laid out on the “needlework table” to prod me along, but sadly I haven’t yet figured out how to live without sleep…

When I break down and purchase the camera phone, I will start posting more regular updates. I know, I should get a camera. . . Oh Well πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Current Project Roll Call!

  1. orthstitcher says:

    Meg posted the following comment that somehow wound up on a post about 10 posts ago…

    “Snickering here β€” I did the same thing, bought a camera cell phone so that I could post progress pics to my cross-stitch groups. I *loved* Tiramisu, BTW.

    As for the brocade β€” wow, I give you credit, working with that slippery fabric. I once was asked to cut a piece of brocade and hem it for an altar cloth, and it took me all of Great Lent because I refused to put it through a sewing machine β€” I can’t sew a straight seam with *normal* fabric, let alone brocade. I’ll be interested to see your set when it’s done.”

  2. Meg says:

    As requested, posting another comment on your blog to see where *this* one will end up. Yes, I did post my comment here, then noticed that when I hit “submit comment,” the post I was commenting on had nothing to do with the post that showed up on my screen (if that makes sense). Not sure if it’s my computer (in which case, I’ve *had* it with Dell), or if it’s something wacky to do with g-mail, or what.

  3. orthstitcher says:

    Cool, it posted at the right place this time πŸ™‚ I’ve also put in a support question to Word Press to see if they have an idea as to what might be going on.

    I have a Dell, I don’t think it’s that πŸ™‚

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