The Saint Meme

I got tagged by Meg over at Muttonings

 The task is to name four of your favourite Saints, one who was well on the way to sanctity, is widely venerated already and very likely to be made a Saint in due course, and one who isn’t yet publicly declared a saint but probably should be made a Saint.

 It is hard to just pick FOUR of my favorite Saints, so I fudged a little 🙂 

The Optina Elders (especially Saints Ambrose, Macarius, Barsanuphius and Nektary)
Saint John the Wonderworker of San Francisco and Shanghai (Maximovich)
Saint Innocent, Apostle to North America
Saint Symeon the New Theologian and Saint Gregory Palamas
Saint Mary of Egypt

and many others 🙂

Will probably be declared a saint in due time:
Fr. Seraphim Rose

Should be recognized as a saint:
Elder Paisius of the Holy Mountain
Elder Cleopa (of Shastria)
Elder Sophrony (spiritual son of St. Silouan the Athonite)
Fr. Arseny