Chalice Covers Galloon – Take 2


The final selection has been made for the galloon for the chalice covers – and it is the gold galloon in this photo. You might note that it isn’t any of the choices in THIS picture..


While the details don’t matter, a different choice has been made and I thought I would mention it as there were interesting comments made on this when I first posted about it.

Have I mentioned that embroidering on brocade is a rather different thing than embroidering on a plain-weave fabric? Certainly fun to do, but very different. Keeps me from getting too prideful over what small skills I might have in embroidery 🙂


Heading out of town….

Heading to a funeral in Pachita, Mississippi. That’s a long way from Speedway, IN., and in more ways than one. It almost feels like I am preparing to time travel – to go back to the time of my childhood – which was the last time that I have seen almost everyone that I will see this week.

 The funeral is that of my stepfather. Long days ahead, but such is the way of things. Pray for my stepfather, and for my family.