These times…

Check out this post on Second Terrace titled “Non-conventional psyche”, as well as the post before it,, both are related to the very sad and terrible events in Virgina this week. Here is a link to a prayer at Orthodixie for those whose lives were cut short, and for their loved ones.


One thought on “These times…

  1. Meg says:

    Snickering here — I did the same thing, bought a camera cell phone so that I could post progress pics to my cross-stitch groups. I *loved* Tiramisu, BTW. As for the brocade — wow, I give you credit, working with that slippery fabric. I once was asked to cut a piece of brocade and hem it for an altar cloth, and it took me all of Great Lent because I refused to put it through a sewing machine — I can’t sew a straight seam with *normal* fabric, let alone brocade. I’ll be interested to see your set when it’s done.

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