Literature Nerd

What Be Your Nerd Type?

Your Result: Literature Nerd Does sitting by a nice cozy fire, with a cup of hot tea/chocolate, and a book you can read for hours even when your eyes grow red and dry and you look sort of scary sitting there with your insomniac appearance? Then you fit this category perfectly! You love the power of the written word and it’s eloquence; and you may like to read/write poetry or novels. You contribute to the smart people of today’s society, however you can probably be overly-critical of works. It’s okay. I understand.

 What IS it about these quizzes? 

Speaking of literature, it’s time to go read something 🙂


One thought on “Literature Nerd

  1. Meg says:

    I don’t know what it is, but I also don’t know anybody who doesn’t absolutely love them. Over on Xanga, I can get hooked on quizzes for half an hour if I’m not careful.

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