Snow, Snow and more Snow

I just had to say something about this snow. This is Central Indiana, not upstate New York, so we don’t have snow covering our windows like some of the pictures I’ve seen. However, as a Southern woman, I just don’t have all that much experience with snowfalls that come close to a foot. I know, I know, wimpy and all that – but it is amazing to me how much a foot of snow slows things down, I am just not capable of imagining what it must be like in update NY.

I didn’t go in today, snow and ice are still falling – and my car is small enough and light enough that if I hit a rabbit I am probably dead… seemed prudent to stay home today.

I’ve actually spent a good bit of my adult life away from the South – but I don’t remember getting this much snow at one time since I lived in Nebraska twenty years ago – and I didn’t yet drive in those years (I didn’t learn until my late 20s).

Ok, back to my snow-day activities – and I wish all the Orthodox a good first week of Lent, hopefully it won’t be a snow-bound one next week!


2 thoughts on “Snow, Snow and more Snow

  1. Mimi says:

    Stay safe and warm, my friend.

  2. Meg says:

    What’s it like in Upstate NY? Russia, of course. Why do you think the ROCOR monks chose Jordanville for their monastery? 😉

    We are also getting a blizzard, but we are more or less used to them. My son is ecstatic to be living in the land of Real Snow (as opposed to ice and sleet) once more. We’ll see how ecstatic he is after today. Jim stayed home from work to “help” shovel (in reality, he’s doing all of it — he’s congenitally restless, and needs the activity).

    I bet we are spending this snowy day in much the same fashion — with needlework!

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