Time for a break…

Wow, I haven’t posted here since January 9th! It seems like I either have time for stitching or posting, rarely both 🙂

As today is Meatfare Sunday, aka Sunday of the Last Judgment – which means that Great Lent begins in one week. I won’t be posting again until least Bright Week (the week after Pascha, in early April).

There are still a few blogs that I will be reading from time to time, but things are going to be too busy for me to spend much time on the internet. One thing is sure though, when I return there will be pictures!

I am also considering moving this blog, such as it is, to WordPress, but there will be a message here should I make the move.


One thought on “Time for a break…

  1. Meg says:

    Wishing you a blessed and fruitful Lent (with lots and lots of stitching, naturally!).

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