2006 in Review

This idea was cribbed from Mimi and Meg.

The idea is to take the last sentence from the first post for each month. Considering the very narrow scope of this blog, this shall be interesting 🙂

There have been those who have wondered about me, and looking at this selection of comments I can see why 🙂

No posts before April in 2006.

April: It’s a good thing I rarely, ever watch television – who has time for it 🙂

May: That seems a rare commodity on the internet, so please let me know of any favorites you may have, or if you run across others.

June: I saw this, I laughed out loud, I put it on my desktop (paraphrase of a header on Mimi’s blog 🙂

July: As it turns out I have to get them done rather quickly, but hope to get a picture of them before they go to their intended home.

August: For the Orthodox, I hope your Dormition Fast is going well, and I wish a good late summer for everyone!

September: However, I will post as I can, and as I get used to my new schedule it will probably get easier.

October: It speaks of forgiveness, and certain sad events in an Amish community a little more than a week ago.

November: Those with slow connections probably don’t want to try it, and if you turn to page 38 in the same file, you will see the image for Tiramisu – which is the OTHER class I am taking, it is in something called Blackwork – which I find very cool – the name has nothing to do with the color 🙂

December: Your Nativity O Christ our God has dawned to the world the light of wisdom, for by it those who worship the stars, were taught by a star to adore You the Sun of Righteousness, and to know You the dawn from above, O Lord, glory to You


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  1. Mimi says:

    Oooh, this is a neat review of the year, I think.

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