Card-carrying member of the HSS

So what IS the HSS? Such an odd combination of letters, what could it MEAN? If you are a member of the Cyberstitcher chapter of the Embroider’s Guild of America you would already know.

HSS = Head Slap Society.

That would be your OWN head…

as in….



Why am I a member of the HSS? Let me list the ways….

1. Luck of the Irish goldwork group correspondence course. Class is starting right now, or as soon as we all get our materials. March 2007 is when we are supposed to have finished it. That is if we want our work evaluated 🙂

2. Tiramisu, blackwork group correspondance course. Starts as soon as we all get our materials, scheduled to be completed in October 2007.

3. Chalice Cover set- set in white brocade, beginning as soon as I get the chance to start working on it.

4. Chalice Cover set – set in burgandy wool – to begin whenever I finish #3

5. Still have to complete the “All Things Bright and Beautiful” sampler for some friends who had thier first child 14 months ago. I had HOPED to have it to them by her first birthday….

6. Finish several books on my reading list.

7. Ramp up marking for freelance indexing business


oh yes, I work for a living 🙂

Any questions now about why I am a proud member of the HSS?


2 thoughts on “Card-carrying member of the HSS

  1. Meg says:

    Well, yes, I can see why, but really, it’s just a matter of forgoing all those lovely books. I mean, you *need* the job to support the fun stuff. You actually do need to complete Luck of the Irish and Tiramisu, since these are courses that you hope will enhance your (shall we way) Future Professional Life. The two chalice cover sets should probably (sadly) go to the bottom of the pile, right on top of the books (i.e., do them before or at the same time as the books). So, here’s the order I personally would set on these priorities (the job is a given):

    1) Luck of the Irish (which I personally don’t believe in anyway, being unfortunately half Irish)

    2) Tiramisu

    3) Freelance Indexing Business

    4) All Things Bright etc. (it’s a gift)

    5) Chalice Cover #1

    6) Chalice Cover #2

    #5 and #6 concurrent with *one book at a time*

    Now, wasn’t that simple? 😉

  2. Catrin says:

    LOL, very simple.

    Ummmm, did I mention that the Chalice Covers are for a monastery? True, I didn’t say when they would be completed – and I only (really) promised one of them before Pascha…

    Of course, it isn’t about just doing one thing on this list until it’s completed and then going to the next. It’s about figuring out just what I can do at the same time 🙂


    Job and 1, 3, 5
    then Job, 2, 5, 3
    then Job, 2, 5, 6

    hmmmm, looks like a code of some kind, doesn’t it: 🙂

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