I’m baaack

Well, I’ve been back for a week come tomorrow afternoon, but it took me awhile to sit down at this blog and do something. There is something about blogs, it is challenging at times to come up with something to say on them that someone might actually WANT to read. So, I try to avoid that little problem by giving links to pretty pictures…. see the following 🙂

I am taking, not 1, but TWO group correspondence courses through the Cyberstichers Chapter of the Embroider’s Guild of America this winter. There is also another set of chalice covers to embroider (pretty much the same as the set I finished in August), AND am still working on 2 other projects. Oh yes, and I work full-time as well…. hmmmmm, perhaps it’s time for a long bout of insomina 🙂

I don’t man that about the insomnia, been there, don’t want to go there again!

The photo is of a goldwork course called Luck of the Irish – appropriate name, and is the first of two courses I am taking this winter. The link is to the entire PDF of the 2006 education catalog, but will open to the approapriate page. Sadly that is the only way you can view it…. it about the only thing about the new EGA website that I don’t really care for. Those with slow connections probably don’t want to try it, and if you turn to page 38 in the same file, you will see the image for Tiramisu – which is the OTHER class I am taking, it is in something called Blackwork – which I find very cool – the name has nothing to do with the color 🙂

Time to go to bed, big day tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “I’m baaack

  1. Meg says:

    That is a *beautiful* shamrock, though it’s a shame you couldn’t substitute something more liturgical, killing two birds with one stone. I especially like how you got the stem stitches so even, despite the wiggliness of the outline. Can’t help wondering if you will end up doing this professionally some day…

  2. Mimi says:

    Shamrocks are pretty liturgical, aren’t they? The trinitarian explanation used by St. Patrick?

    Anyway, I’m glad you are home, I was just thinking about you when I contemplated your Patron Saint day this week.

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